The Inconceivable Choice


Fatigue for weeks, hungry yet unable to eat,

What is wrong with me?

Two weeks later with no blood to show,

My gut felt what my heart already knew,

Terror and panic soon struck,

The decision was clear but why did the shame feel so real?

I did it all right as I took that daily pill,

But the demons of depression soon reared.

Two years with no incident or concern,

Yet, here I stand, tears rolling down my cheek.

The nurse whispers so sweet,

“It’s positive, how does that make you feel?”

My state took away my rights,

So three weeks later I sat alone and scared six hours from my home.

A waiting room with 13 women—private stories of difficult decisions made.

Some remained stoic, as others wiped away their tears.

No one there to hold our hands and calm our Anxious minds.

Legally I was made to wait hours until moved to waiting room 3.

1 pill now and 8 pills later,

The physical pain excruciating and

The mental turmoil impossible to bear.

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