How do I submit
my work?

Submit your work to: ​


Please label the subject line with the style of submission 

(ie. short story, poem, novel excerpt, personal journal, photography, art, etc.) and include a short bio, along your Instagram handle and/or website. Attach file(s), then hit send!



Thank you for supporting The OWJ. We look forward to receiving your work!

G U I D E L I N E S 

Response Time:

Please give a 1-3 month window to be notified if your submission has been accepted or denied. Keep in mind: it is not guaranteed that your submission will be accepted. Please be patient with us as we are a new publication, and with that being said, we are still learning. We are a very small group of women that volunteer for this passion project and we will respond to your messages ASAP.


Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please allow no more than 2-3 submissions per category and 3 submissions allowed per person, per quarter. If your submitted work has been previously published in The OWJ, we ask that you allow a 4 month (quarter) window from when it was last published to submit new work. If your work has been accepted elsewhere we ask that you withdraw your work from consideration. Please note we do give preference to original and unique work to The OWJ. The OWJ holds first publication rights for three months after publication. 


The OWJ holds the right to edit work once said work has been submitted and accepted by The Chief Editor and/or the Editorial Staff. The Chief Editor will be in contact for the author's approval for any necessary edits beyond grammatical and/or punctuational errors. Please be aware: if your work requires heavy editing it may lower the chance of being accepted for our print publication. 


All written submissions need to be in either Word format or Google docs. Please send one email with all necessary files (ex: if you are sending both a poem and a short story, please send both PDFs in one email, not separate ones). All art and photography submissions must be high resolution PDFs, JPEGs, or PNGs. If you are submitting a prose piece we ask that you use the traditional APA Style.


Please include the name and a short bio (less than 350 words). If you are on social media or have a website, please include your handle and/or website so we can promote your work. Attaching a few pictures to your submission is a bonus; please be sure the photos are high resolution and not cell phone photos! This is beneficial for people who may not be apart of social media and also our recipe submissions.


We want to be able to share every single story we receive, however, in order to practice ethical journalism there are certain legal obstacles we face. If a submission we receive lists a specific establishment(s) and/or real person(s), it is our legal duty to change the names of said person(s) and/or establishment(s) to be anonymous. Every submissions acceptance or denial goes off a case by case basis with the editorial staff having final say. UNFORTUNATELY, WE CANNOT ACCEPT ALL SUBMISSIONS.


Currently we are a small organization with a loyal following. We do not have the funding to pay contributors for publications for online or print of any sort. However, we will give you the credibility as well as including a social media handle of your choosing so readers can follow you. When sharing your stories and art with The OWJ, you are helping us build a supportive community built on inspiration and encouragement. We are a platform for women who feel as if they need to be a part of something greater than just themselves.

Copyright Information:

The Oklahoma Women's Journal LLC follows all local, national and international copyright laws. As the writer you retain all ownership rights to the copyrights to your work. We do not accept articles not written by the author or copyright holder. When submitting an article to our site and/or publication you are granting permission for its use on our website, social media, and/or print publication. All the images submitted for any issue must be copyright free and allows The Oklahoma Women's Journal LLC the right to use, enlarge, reduce and/or crop the original photograph for aesthetic/design purposes involving the spread. The submitted works must be all created by yourself and you must be the authentic copyright holder. Your eligibility will be automatically nullified if the submission is associated with any of the copyright complications above. You will be responsible for all the legal consequences under all circumstances regardless of The Oklahoma Women's Journal LLC awareness or not.


*This is a platform for women to share their stories and art in hopes to inspire healing and empowerment to the community. Please do not use our submissions page for self promotion. Your work will not be accepted.


Thank you for taking time to read our submission guidelines. We look forward to experiencing and sharing your work with The OWJ and the women of Oklahoma.
Please contact us if you have any questions!

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Molly McElwain Photography | Issue No. 3 | Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment cover photo shoot | August 15, 2021